Diary of a series redesign: the final cover designs – revealed!

In the final part of our series on book cover design & redesigning a book series, we reveal our final cover designs for The Hidden Series by Lian Tanner.

We’ve taken you through many stages of the process, from our initial need for new book covers, the direction of the cover design and covers meeting, finding a cover illustrator, assessing the cover roughs and now here we are, with finished covers! 

Are you peeking?… Read the rest


Diary of a series redesign: Finding an Illustrator

In the third of our series on book cover design & redesigning a series, we explain how to find an illustrator to run with the ideas from The Covers Meeting

It should be no surprise to anyone that we at A&U love the work of Sebastian Ciaffaglionenot only has he illustrated all of Lian Tanner’s covers so far, he has also done the very beautiful new illustrations for Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series.… Read the rest


Diary of a series redesign: One Direction to Rule Them All

In the second of our series on book cover design & redesigning a series, we take the four options discussed in the last blog post and take them to The Covers Meeting…

And so the time had come to choose a design direction for our Hidden Series re-jackets.  It was time to brave the Covers Meeting…

The Covers Meeting, wherein we editors and publishers show a number of cover options – sometimes early rough concepts, and sometimes covers that have already been refined down to the fine details of typography, colour and where to put the tagline – to a panel of experts from around the company, namely: sales, marketing and publicity.… Read the rest

Liam Tanner's Hidden Series

Diary of a series redesign… The Hidden by Lian Tanner

In news just to hand: everybody in the entirety of the world judges books by their covers. That is what covers are for, to help the reader judge: What is this book and is it for me? The book cover design process is exciting and inspiring, hard and frustrating, an art, a craft and a compromise.… Read the rest