Life as a publisher…

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Se, a winner of a Girlfriend Magazine competition to be a publisher for the day. Winning from over 1,000 entries, Se joined us to learn the ins and outs of publishing with a whistle-stop tour of our world of books in our Sydney office. 

We thought we’d get Se to share her day, but first, what about the answer to the question that won her the opportunity to spend the day with us: ‘What would you do if you were a publisher for the day?’

I can’t tell you what my response was as I simply can’t remember it.… Read the rest

25 years at Frankfurt Bookfair

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

I enjoy Frankfurt hugely—running the small but potent London office of Allen & Unwin can be a lonely business at times, and the big book fairs are a great chance to reconnect with both A&U colleagues and the publishing world at large. Personal relationships are everything in this business, and there’s nothing more satisfying than matchmaking editors with books that they will love.… Read the rest