Five books for the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan

This August 18 marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan: one of the best known Australian engagements of the Vietnam War, so we’ve gathered together a reading list of first-class fiction and non-fiction titles for young and old to discuss and reflect on the Vietnam War, with all its complexities and controversies.… Read the rest


Staff love for Goodwood by Holly Throsby

Here at Allen & Unwin, all our books are our favourites. We grow them, nurture them and then send them out into the big wide world to be found by the reading public… All our books are special in their own unique way.… Read the rest


Introducing Isla Fisher’s Marge in Charge!

Wonderful Australian Actress and comedian Isla Fisher has turned her hand to writing and penned a hilarious take of a very sensible looking babysitter who isn’t what she seems.

While Jemima and Jack don’t like the idea of their new babysitter, who looks sensible, old and tiny, they soon get a surprise when their parents leave as with a mischievous wink Marge takes off her hat revealing rainbow-coloured hair!… Read the rest


Diary of a series redesign: One Direction to Rule Them All

In the second of our series on book cover design & redesigning a series, we take the four options discussed in the last blog post and take them to The Covers Meeting…

And so the time had come to choose a design direction for our Hidden Series re-jackets.  It was time to brave the Covers Meeting…

The Covers Meeting, wherein we editors and publishers show a number of cover options – sometimes early rough concepts, and sometimes covers that have already been refined down to the fine details of typography, colour and where to put the tagline – to a panel of experts from around the company, namely: sales, marketing and publicity.… Read the rest