Refugee Week Reading List

Refugee Week and World Refugee Day are an opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of refugees, as well as celebrate the huge positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. With this year’s theme of “With courage let us all combine”, we’ve gathered together a reading list of important refugee stories both non-fiction and fiction, suitable for young and old, to learn of the plight and courage of refugees at home and abroad.… Read the rest

Shelly Unwin on Owning It

Recently published debut author Shelly Unwin (no relation!) discusses the need to “own” your belief in being a writer, and how she came to write her picture book series.

When I had the epiphany whilst reading to my three-year old daughter that I wanted to write children’s books, it came coupled with the realisation that people may think me slightly nuts.… Read the rest

When is a religious community a cult?

Charity Norman muses on Gloriavale, cult leaders and researching for her new novel See You in September.

Some time ago I spent a few days at Southern Star Abbey, a Cistercian monastery in a remote corner of Hawke’s Bay.… Read the rest

How a book could kill you

Are you the sort of person who wonders what would happen if you stuck your head into a nuclear particle accelerator? Or if you jumped into an interstellar black hole? Or even how a book could kill?Read the rest

You’ll die of boredom if you follow every rule

Miriam Lancewood tells how an early adventure with her mother lit a fire in her heart, and led her to an unconventional life in the wilds of the South Island of New Zealand. 

I think I was about six or seven years old when I had my mother just for myself for one night.… Read the rest